Gummy Bear Breast Implants San Antonio Texas


Sweet news for your figure!

Treat yourself to “Gummy Bear” breast implants.


Gummy Bear Breast Implants

At last – natural looking implants that look great, feel great and hold their shape for a long time. How ‘sweet’ is that?



Cohesive silicone implants have been called “Gummy Bears” because just like the candy, they are dense and a little rubbery. What makes this type of silicone implant so popular is that the thick gel makes them less likely to leak and allows the implants to be contoured into a natural teardrop shape that will last for many years.


Dr. Suresh Koneru is pleased to be the first in San Antonio to offer these innovative, natural looking implants to help you feel better, look better and stay natural.


There’s nothing ‘artificial’ about this breakthrough product! European women have enjoyed this technology for a long time, and the FDA has now approved these contoured silicone implants by Sientra.


Have you recently lost a lot of weight? Been through cancer treatment and a mastectomy? Or maybe you are just ready for a better, more natural-looking you.


These state-of-the art cohesive gel implants are available now at Dr. Koneru’s office in San Antonio. In addition to looking fabulous, some of the benefits to you include:

  • Less leakage. The denser silicone holds together well and is much less likely to leak.
  • More natural. Since contoured silicone implants are shaped to fit your figure, they look less artificial – more like the real thing.
  • No “ripple” effect. The new gel is smoother and thicker. The density of the gel keeps the implant smooth and has less of the rippling effect than what is commonly experienced with saline implants.

Many people are calling the new implant products the ‘future of breast augmentation.’ You don’t have to wait for the future – you can treat yourself to better breasts right now.

You can get an idea of the cohesive nature of the gel in the following video.  Here a contoured implant is cut open and squeezed.  You will notice that even under pressure the gel sticks together (it is cohesive) and then returns back to its shape without any of the gel leaking!

Click here to see the Gummy Bear Implant under pressure


As with any surgical procedure, experience and trust make all the difference in deciding what products and techniques are best for your well-being. You can count on one of the top doctors in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction in San Antonio to give you the best care available. Go ahead – treat yourself to a deliciously better body.

Getting a good idea of how the new implants will look on you can be difficult.  To help you see how the implants will look on you, we are now offering virtual 3D imaging with every consultation.  To learn more, just go to our Before and Virtual Afters page.


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