Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery COVID-19 Plan 5/11/20

We are now entering our second week of being open for all in-office visits while still practicing social distancing as much as possible.  We have also resumed ALL procedures.

  • If you have a fever, cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE OFFICE.  Please do not come in and call the office if you are not feeling well.  We are checking temperatures at the door.
  • For those who have an in-office appointment, please come in EXACTLY at your appointed time and we ask that you do not bring anyone else with you.  When you have surgery, the hospitals are not allowing visitors.  You may call or video chat when in the office with anyone you would like to be involved in your care.
  • You must wear a mask to come into our office building per the Mayor’s Declaration.
  • Please download and return by FAX, email, or secure message any forms needed prior to your visit.  You can find the New Patient Forms here.
  • Since in-office appointments are in high demand, we are reinstating our $25 cancellation fee.  If you do not cancel your in-office appointment within 24 hours you will be charged.
  • We continue to collect contactless payments.  You may either call the office with your credit card number or ask to use our SR Pay feature to enter with your cellphone.
  • We are one of the few Plastic Surgery practices worldwide with the ability to use AI and telemedicine to perform consultations and evaluations.  If you or a friend are interested in a Virtual Visit, please visit the COVID-19 page on our website for directions on how to proceed.  We have had a few technical issues with these visits, but plan to continue forever.
  • For the next few months, we expect to have expanded office hours and see fewer patients in the office.  We will be cleaning after each patient so don’t be surprised if you smell a lot of bleach or alcohol – it’s not my cologne.  Our staff will continue to wear masks and we ask you to do the same.  We will also use gloves as appropriate so that we can maintain an adequate supply.  I have big hands, and right now we cannot get my usual gloves.  
  • For many of you, your Botox may have worn off by now.  Ask about our $10/unit COTOX-19 Special.  You must purchase this by May 19th, and use it by June 19th.

Our goal remains that no one contracts COVID-19 by visiting our office.   We urge all of you to perform frequent hand washing, safe distancing, wear masks, and stay home as much as possible.

We have added a new page to our website to keep patients up to date on our COVID-19 plans,  You will also find updates by following our Facebook Page and Twitter Page.  Interesting clinical posts can be found on our Instagram and Pinterest.

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