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A mini tummy tuck is a type of cosmetic surgery that can address some excess skin, localized fat, and tissue in the lower abdomen. It is a simplified version of the tummy tuck procedure that works well for patients with minimal symptoms who want smaller scars and a quicker recovery time. This treatment can tighten and refine the midsection by reducing sagging skin, bulges of fat, and folded tissue.

At Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Suresh Koneru provides effective mini tummy tuck procedures for his patients in the San Antonio area. He is a highly experienced surgeon with advanced skills in cosmetic surgery, and he prioritizes thoughtful patient care.

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About Mini Tummy Tucks

Having a firm and flat abdomen is an important step in achieving an appealing figure and a better overall appearance. Unfortunately, with age comes weaker skin and more difficulty burning off fat. When skin weakens, it can stretch and sag. If you have excess fat in your abdomen, this can lead to a bulging midsection that folds and hangs over your waistline. If you lose a significant amount of weight naturally, from weight loss medications, or after bariatric surgery, you can be left with excess skin that cannot reform itself tightly and hangs loose, particularly after pregnancy.

Not being able to develop a tight and toned abdomen through traditional efforts like diet and exercise can be highly frustrating and lead to a lack of self-confidence. It can be even more frustrating if your abdomen displays only minimal signs of excess fat or sagging skin, yet determined effort still cannot bring you the results you desire. This is where the mini tummy tuck comes in. If you are bothered by the appearance of your midsection, having a mini tummy tuck can significantly improve your quality of life, self-esteem, and mental health. (1)

A typical mini tummy tuck procedure involves Dr. Koneru first performing liposuction to remove any excess fat from the abdomen. To do this, he makes small incisions on the abdomen and removes the fat cells using a thin tube-like tool called a cannula, breaking apart the fat and using suction to remove it. Then, he will make a small incision along the bottom of the abdomen and just above the pubic area. If the patient has a C-section scar, he will make the incision along it to prevent more visible scarring than is necessary. He will remove excess skin and tissue, leaving a thin layer of fat beneath the skin for natural-looking results. Finally, he will pull the remaining skin tightly over the abdomen and close the incisions.

Benefits of Mini Tummy Tucks

There are many convenient benefits that come with receiving a mini tummy tuck from Dr. Koneru. These include:

  • Tightening and flattening your lower abdomen
  • Less downtime for recovery can get you back to work sooner
  • More cost-effective than a traditional tummy tuck
  • Providing long-lasting results
  • Improved motivation to stay healthy and fit
  • Feeling comfortable in tighter and more revealing clothing
  • Renewing your self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem

Who is a Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

If you have a mild amount of sagging skin or a small pouch of fat on your lower abdomen and your abdominal wall is still strong, a mini tummy tuck might be right for you. (2) An ideal candidate will be ready to undergo surgery to enhance their appearance. To be eligible, you should be in relatively good health, as surgery requires a well-functioning body that can heal well. You should also have a positive attitude and realistic expectations about what a mini tummy tuck can do for your appearance.

If you plan on getting pregnant in the future, you should wait until afterward to receive this treatment. Pregnancy may undo the results of a mini tummy tuck, stretching your skin and leading to excess fat buildup. You should also wait to receive this treatment if you have not reached your target weight. Dr. Koneru makes precise decisions when sculpting the contours of your new abdomen, and weight changes can affect your results.

Personal Consultation

At your personal consultation, Dr. Koneru will determine if a mini tummy tuck is the best option for your cosmetic problems. He will examine your midsection and ask about your goals for your body. He will also want to know about your medical history, including past surgeries, conditions, and medications. This information helps us decide if cosmetic surgery is safe for you. Dr. Koneru will also let you know if one of our other body contouring procedures might provide more satisfying results. For instance, if you need more comprehensive abdominal shaping and abdominal muscle repair, he may recommend a standard tummy tuck or a tummy tuck specifically designed for people after weight loss. You also may be a candidate for a less invasive procedure like BodyTite.

You will receive a personalized procedure plan for your tummy tuck treatment. You will also receive an accurate cost estimate and an idea of what the procedure and recovery will be like for you. You can ask any questions, and we will address your concerns. At the end of your consultation, you can schedule your procedure with our staff.

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Before your mini tummy tuck procedure, you will receive personalized preparation instructions. Follow these closely, as preparation is important for the safety and success of any surgery. You may need to stop or start taking certain prescription medications or supplements to get your body ready for surgery and increase your healing ability. If you smoke, you must quit before and until you are fully recovered. The effects of smoking on the blood vessels and your overall health can lead to complications. To prevent excessive bleeding and bruising, avoid blood-thinning substances like ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, and certain herbal supplements. You should also maintain a steady weight by remaining active and eating healthy. Staying hydrated before your surgery can also help your body heal.

You will need to stay at home for the initial part of your recovery, so be sure to designate a comfortable and relaxing place.

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

At Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Koneru performs mini tummy tuck procedures on an outpatient basis, which means you can go home on the same day as your treatment. When you come in for your surgery, we will administer local or general anesthesia to prevent discomfort. This choice will depend on the extent of your surgery and your preferences. Dr. Koneru will begin your procedure by performing liposuction. He makes liposuction incisions in the areas of excess skin that he plans to remove. This prevents unnecessary visible scars. He will then perform the mini tummy tuck procedure, removing excess skin and tissue and creating a unique abdominal contour designed to compliment your body. When your procedure is complete, we will monitor your condition as you recover from the anesthesia. When you are stable, you can go home and begin the recovery process.


After a mini tummy tuck procedure, most patients only require at least one week of downtime before they can return to work. In the first days after your surgery, you may experience some redness, swelling, and bruising around your incisions. These symptoms are common and should go away on their own. If you experience discomfort during this period, you will have prescription medication to help. As you relax at home, stand up and take light walks frequently to increase blood flow, prevent blood clots, and help healing. Wait at least one month to resume strenuous activities or until you are completely healed.


Swelling can keep the full results of your mini tummy tuck from revealing themselves for several months. In the meantime, you will be able to see a noticeable improvement in the tightness and slimness of your abdomen. Your results will be long-lasting, providing a youthful-looking midsection for years to come. Maintaining a steady weight and leading a healthy life will help you uphold your results even longer. The average scar from this treatment will stretch about six inches across your lower abdomen. Dr. Koneru makes the incisions low enough to be hidden by most clothing, and scar tissue fades over time.

How Much Do Mini Tummy Tucks Cost in San Antonio?

The exact cost of your mini tummy tuck procedure will depend on the details of your procedure plan. This includes the amount of excess skin that you have, the anesthesia, and other factors. To learn more about how much mini tummy tucks cost at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery and to book your consultation with Dr. Koneru, call (210) 499-5900 or visit our contact page.


How long does recovery take after a mini tummy tuck?

Mini tummy tucks are easier on the body than traditional tummy tucks, and they require less downtime for recovery. Most patients return to work after one week of rest. 

Can mini tummy tucks treat separated abdominal muscles?

Diastasis recti is a condition in which the abdominal muscles are separated and looser than normal, typically caused by pregnancy. While a common feature of a standard tummy tuck involves suturing the abdominal muscles to reinforce them, a mini tummy tuck may not include this technique. You may need to receive a full tummy tuck to treat your diastasis recti. 

Are mini tummy tucks painful?

You will be fully sedated before beginning your mini tummy tuck surgery. This prevents any discomfort during the procedure. Patients may feel discomfort during recovery, but prescription medication can alleviate this symptom. Dr. Koneru also implements a recovery program called FRAPS, which helps patients recover faster and more comfortably.

How long does a mini tummy tuck procedure take?

The duration of a mini tummy tuck procedure can vary depending on the individual case and the specific techniques used. On average, the surgery takes approximately two to three hours.


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