Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

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Labiaplasty (Labia Surgery) in San Antonio

What Is Labiaplasty (Labia Surgery)

Labiaplasty is a surgery that has become quite popular, especially among adult women.  Many women endure problems from enlarged lips of the vagina, also called “labia minora.”  Some patients simply are dissatisfied with the size, shape and look of their labia when it is large, disfigured and/or thick. Still others suffer from labial irritation caused while conducting normal everyday activities, or find it hard to keep that area of the body clean.  This condition may be congenital, or it can result from the birth of children, or aging.  In many cases, large labia can also interfere with sexual pleasure and can actually cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Why Should I Get Labiaplasty (Labia Surgery)?

If you have enlarged labia and suffer from irritation, infections, or discomfort while performing everyday activities, Labiaplasty is a good option for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Labia Surgery?

Any woman who has enlarged lips of the vagina and suffers discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse and is in otherwise good health, is a good candidate for this type of surgery. Those who are embarrassed with their sexual partners because of their large labia and want intercourse to be more pleasurable and less painful, are also good candidates for Labiaplasty. If a woman wants to but cannot wear tight clothing or bathing suits because of her enlarged labia, she too is a good candidate for this surgery. It is important that women have the confidence necessary to seek help and understand that Labiaplasty, when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Koneru, can vastly improve how they feel about themselves and their sense of well-being.

What is the First Step for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Call 210-499-5900 to make an appointment for a consultation.  Dr. Koneru will hold a confidential discussion with you and share the likely outcomes and improvements you can expect from Labiaplasty.  He is one of the few plastic surgeons in San Antonio with extensive experience in Labiaplasty Surgery

Describe the Labia Surgery?

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure. To minimize pain, Dr. Koneru uses local anesthesia and the surgery is performed under general anesthesia.  The surgery reduces the size of the large labia or reshapes uneven labia, improving their appearance and reducing associated discomfort. During the Labiaplasty procedure, Dr. Koneru trims excess labial tissue and recreates the edges of the labia with a natural look, color, and shape. if done improperly, this procedure can lead to strictures, pain, and deformation of the clitoris.

Is there Pain and Downtime after Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)?

Everyone responds to pain differently. Dr. Koneru will prescribe pain medication to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible.  Most patients can return to work within one week.

What Results Should I Expect after Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)?

The results of Labiaplasty can:

  • Improve the appearance of the vagina and vulva.
  • Boost self-confidence.
  • Reduce discomfort and irritation caused by clothes rubbing against the labia.
  • Eliminate pain caused by large labia during sexual intercourse.
  • Improve or restore sexual satisfaction that was hampered by large labia.

Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty Surgery?

It is very unusual for Insurance companies to cover Labiaplasty Surgery.  After the initial consultation, we can provide a letter with photos to your Insurance provider for pre-authorization.  If you have brought your issues to the attention of other doctors, such as your primary care physician, please bring their letters to our office.  We will submit our letter along with letters from other doctors to try and secure coverage from your healthcare Insurance provider. Please note that we do not feel it is appropriate to request Insurance Preauthorization for cosmetic procedures and will not submit a letter if we feel your issue is primarily a cosmetic problem.

Interested in Labiaplasty? Call 210-499-5900 Today and Schedule your Consultation with Dr. Koneru.

Many women who consider vaginal rejuvenation also consider a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or a mommy makeover.

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