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VPL San Antonio

The VPL is Back!

After a brief hiatus our Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) machine is back online. What is a VPL and what can it be used for?  I’m glad you asked…

The VPL is essentially an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine only more advanced.  Since it is “Variable”, I can adjust the settings of the machine to accommodate a wide variety of skin types.  For example, using the traditional IPL for hair removal can be difficult in dark skinned patients due to the risk of burns.  Most of these machines have adjustments for the amount of energy delivered, but not much else.  You will commonly see an IPL machine used at “Spas” or “Laser Hair Removal Centers”.  These do a good job for patients with very light skin and dark hair but others can have problems.  But, using the VPL, I can adjust 3 different settings to improve the amount of energy delivered and treat a wider variety of patients.  Unlike the centers where you are never seen by a physician, I perform the initial treatment on all patients.  We first start with a series of test patches until I can maximize the energy delivered without causing any burns.  After the initial treatment, the staff will perform all future treatments using the settings that I have determined are best for each patient.  It is a highly individualized treatment for each patient.

The VPL is also a great adjunct to the treatment of spider veins.  Typically, I will inject veins with a sclerosing agent that irritates the walls of the veins and causes them to scar down.  Sometimes, the veins may be too fine to get a needle in or there may be a slight discoloration.  The VPL works great to help correct these irregularities as well.

We can also use the VPL to help with things like Rosacea, Skin Rejuvenation, and Acne, but in my practice it has been replaced by the Ulthera for these conditions.

If you are interested in seeing if the VPL is right for you, give Linda or Hilda a call today to schedule your consultation.

VPL San Antonio