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Mommy Makeover San Antonio

Now is the Best Time to Schedule Your Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover San Antonio

Correcting the belly

Mommy Makeovers can include many different procedures.  Most include a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure.  This procedure helps reverse the changes pregnancy has left on your belly.  For a full Tummy Tuck, recovery can be 4 to 6 weeks.  Most busy Moms don’t have the time during the school year to stay at home and recuperate.  We are usually working late at the beginning of summer with Mommy Makeovers so if you are interested in the procedure, now is the best time to come in for a consultation.  In this post, I will review what’s involved with a Mommy Makeover and the recovery from a Mommy Makeover.

Let’s start with the Tummy Tuck part.  When you are pregnant, the uterus stretches as does your abdominal wall.  When your abdomen enlarges, your rectus muscles stretch, and usually, the space between the rectus muscles expands as well.  This space contains fascia or connective tissue that does not have much elasticity.  So, once it’s stretched, the fascia doesn’t shrink back.  No matter how many crunches you do, or how thick your rectus muscles are, that space between the muscles will not get smaller unless repaired with surgery.  Also, some women will have extra skin that does not return to pre-pregnancy form and needs to be cut out.

After a Tummy Tuck, most women spend at least 1 week in a recliner during their recovery period since we have pulled the skin tight.  After that 1st week, some women still prefer a recliner, but many will sleep in a bed with pillows.  By the 3rd week, women can stand straight, and I prefer women do not drive for 4 weeks following a Tummy Tuck.  This restriction means no carpool or shopping trips.  Women who have a desk job can usually return to work after 2 weeks, but those with a more active job may need 4 to 6 weeks off work.  With such a prolonged recovery period, it can be beneficial to add other procedures to the tummy tuck.

Some women may want a Breast Lift or Mastopexy to help restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy location.  This operation is usually a simple outpatient procedure that requires one week off from work.  As long as you have to spend time recovering from a Tummy Tuck, this does not add any extra time off.

Other women may want Breast Implants to help fill the breasts.  This procedure is also a simple outpatient procedure that requires one week off from work but can easily be combined with the time off for a Tummy Tuck.

Labiaplasty is another procedure that we routinely perform on moms.  It too is a simple outpatient procedure that usually requires only one week off from work.  Adding this at the time of Mommy Makeover does not add any extra recovery time and can help you get back to that pre-pregnancy body.

Of all the procedures that we do, Tummy Tucks have one of the longest recovery times.  It can be hard for busy moms to schedule enough time for a stress-free recovery.  There are 2 times of the year when most people can find some time – early summer when school is out, and winter holidays.  Early summer is also beneficial for students, teachers, and school employees since they usually have 2 to 3 months off.  People will often book their surgery date 6 months ahead of time.  As you can imagine, these 2 times are very busy for plastic surgeons.  So, if you are thinking of having a Mommy Makeover, come in for your consultation today and reserve a convenient time for your surgery.

mommy makeover

How Soon Is Too Soon For A Mommy Makeover?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 3,952,841 babies born in 2014, which equals around 10,829 daily.  Behind each of those new, smiling faces is a tired mother who put in nine months of serious effort.

In addition to dealing with a demanding bundle of joy, there are many pressures associated with post-pregnancy. You may feel pressure to return to a post-pregnancy size, insecurities associated with sagging breasts, and disappointment at a lack of immediate results. Even if you bounce back to the weight you were before pregnancy;it is unlikely that your figure will naturally return to the same shape. The same amount of weight can be distributed very differently after giving birth. Regaining a pre-baby look is not an easy a task for many women, which is why we offer the Mommy Makeover.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures that lessen or reverse the long-term impact of  pregnancy on your body. These methods include but are not limited to:

Breast Augmentation – After pregnancy, you may experience sagging and deflation of your breasts. This change is particularly the case after breastfeeding. If you chose to breastfeed your child, your breasts might have expanded while you were lactating. It is not uncommon after you have finished breastfeeding for deflation of the breasts to occur. Breast augmentation can reverse this by enhancing the body contour and adding fullness to breasts. In this procedure, either saline or silicone gel implants are placed behind the breasts.  The implants are placed either underneath the breast tissue or behind the chest wall muscle.

Breast Lift A Breast Lift is performed to reposition sagging breasts and provide perkiness. Like a Breast Augmentation, a Breast Lift can also reverse the effects of post-pregnancy sagginess and deflation. The excess skin is trimmed, and the supporting tissue is tightened to support a contoured breast.  Dr. Koneru is very experienced with short scar Breast Lifts.  The traditional Breast Lift involves an anchor type incision.  However, with the short scar technique, the scar does not go across the entire lower crease.

Tummy Tuck – During pregnancy, the skin on your stomach stretched significantly.  Giving birth immediately takes the pressure off your belly. However, you should not expect your skin to automatically contract to its pre-pregnancy state, especially after multiple births or births of multiples. Even after returning to a satisfactory weight, many women find that flabby skin and stretch marks due to weight gain can last for years. A Tummy Tuck can flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the underlying muscles. Stretch marks below the belly button can also be removed.  Some women may also notice a small hernia at the belly button. Often, a hernia can be repaired at the time of a Tummy Tuck.

Labiaplasty – Misshapen or enlarged labia minora can cause discomfort during intimacy or when wearing snug clothes. A Labiaplasty reduces and improves the size and shape of the labia minora, labia majora or both. Reshaping this tissue can reduce genital discomfort and decrease the prominence of the labia.

Liposuction – Some women have difficulty losing their baby weight. Liposuction can help address problem areas that diet and exercise miss. Unwanted areas of localized fat are removed from nearly any area of the body.  Depending on your goals for your appearance, Dr. Koneru may recommend using advanced fat grafting techniques to transfer some of this otherwise discarded fat to help fill areas of your face or breasts.

How Soon Can You Get A Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeovers are recommended after a minimum of six months post-delivery and breastfeeding. There is no upper limit on how long you can wait to get one. Regardless of whether you now have a toddler or an adult child, you can undergo a Mommy Makeover.

Depending on what procedures you want, the exact timeline may vary. Combining these operations into a single surgical plan can sometimes cause your total recovery time to decrease.

First,  you probably only want to consider undergoing a Mommy Makeover once you are finished having children. The Mommy Makeover is intended to return the body to a pre-pregnancy state, and another pregnancy may stretch the tummy and breasts again. To see lasting results, you should not have a Mommy Makeover if you plan to have more children.

If you smoke, you must stop smoking at least three months before and after the surgery. Smoking significantly increases the likelihood of complications and can complicate your healing process.  

Tummy tuck candidates should be in good physical condition, follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. Your lifestyle and habits should also support the surgery, or the benefits could disappear.

It is also important to be close to your ideal weight before undergoing a Mommy Makeover. We prefer that your Body Mass Index (BMI) be less than 30.  These are cosmetic procedures, not bariatric ones. If you plan on losing more weight, do so first. This weight loss will prevent you from needing to repeat your Mommy Makeovers to manage the new loose skin.

If you are breastfeeding, wait at least six months after stopping to receive a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift.

Recovering From A Mommy Makeover

All the procedures that make up a Mommy Makeover are invasive. Undergoing a Mommy Makeover will need you to schedule adequate recovery time. Your ease of recovery will depend on your conditioning and how well you prepare ahead of time.

The amount of time you need to recover from a Mommy Makeover will vary depending on the procedures that you have done. The more procedures you have done, the longer it may take to heal fully. Do not expect the full results of the Mommy Makeover to appear overnight.  It can take anywhere from six months to a year for your body to heal and adjust to its new figure. Despite the difficulties that go along with surgery, a recent survey found 97 percent of women feel happier after undergoing Mommy Makeover procedures.

For a speedy recovery, you should refrain from typical household duties for an average of around three weeks. If you are a new mom, this will impact your infant’s schedule. Do not try to push through the pain to help your baby. It is not safe for either of you. Instead, schedule family and friends to help before your surgery. Resting is important after surgery; however, you must make sure to move regularly to keep the blood flowing and prevent blood clots.  Dr. Koneru encourages you to walk every two hours immediately after surgery for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

There are multiple phases of recovery, and you will require different things at different stages of the healing process.  The first two to four weeks you may need pain medication and to restrict your movement. After that, you may begin increasing the intensity of your activity. It will take two to three months to return to normal.  Your scars will take at least six months to mature but will continue to fade for many years after.  You can expect to see your final results after about six months.

Are You Ready For A Mommy Makeover?

Are you unhappy with your post-pregnancy body or do you want your outside to be as beautiful as your inside? Take care of yourself and schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koneru in San Antonio, Texas. Call at (210) 499-5900 to schedule your consultation today.

Mommy Makeover San Antonio

Mommy Makeover this Summer in San Antonio?

May is a popular time for Mommy Makeovers. Although it may have something to do with Mother’s Day, I think most Moms choose May because they have the summer to recover.


Generally speaking, a Mommy Makeover involves a Tummy Tuck plus a variety of different procedures.  Usually, these procedures include some type of Breast Surgery, but can include anything that reverses the effects of pregnancy. Most choose a Tummy Tuck to help correct the changes from childbearing.  Usually, the babies have not only stretched out the skin of the belly but have also stretched the deep tissues.  So, the muscles and fascia have been stretched. Women can react in different ways to this stretch. Some can get their elasticity back as though nothing ever happened, but that is rare. Most suffer a diastasis recti or separation of the rectus muscles. The only way to correct that is with surgery to tighten the muscles again. Some will even have a  small hernia in the belly button from all the pressure (an umbilical hernia) that can be fixed at the time of Tummy Tuck. For those Moms with stretch marks, a Tummy Tuck can remove all the stretch marks below the belly button.  We even see thin women who have had a C-section and have a little pooch right above the C-section scar. The only way to get rid of that extra stuff is to cut it out with either a full or a mini-Tummy Tuck.


The Tummy Tuck operation involves sewing the muscles together deep, correcting any hernias, and removing the extra skin. Recovery usually involves a week in a recliner at home and no driving for about 4 weeks. You can see why summer is a good time for the procedure for busy Moms. Hopefully, the kids have fewer activities and commitments so driving is less. But, as long as you have to be out of commission for about a month, you should consider also correcting some of the other things that bother you. These extra procedures do not usually increase your recovery time. They also can be less expensive to do at the same time as a Tummy Tuck compared to doing them later.


Some women after pregnancy will notice smaller breasts. For them, we may add a Breast Augmentation for their Mommy Makeover. With the new Ideal Implant and Gummy Bear Implants, we can achieve a remarkably natural looking augmentation.


Other women will notice a large droop to their breasts with age and after breastfeeding.  For them, a Breast Lift will help give them a more natural shape. I use a short scar technique that limits the length of the scar and I feel keeps the breasts lifted for longer.


Still other women will notice that their breasts are larger after childbirth and undergo a Breast Reduction. Again, I use a short scar technique for this procedure that limits the total length of scarring on the breasts.


Besides these procedures, Moms may also want to have Liposuction, Fat Grafting, Cellulaze, or Labiaplasty.  The Mommy Makeover can be tailored to each Mom’s concerns.  We personalize the approach.  As you can imagine, costs vary depending on the number of procedures we perform. Click on this link to get an idea on what the different procedures and a Mommy Makeover costs in San Antonio.


Since every patient is different and we take a personalized approach to your operation, I encourage you to come in for a consultation.  At your consultation, we can give you a firm price estimate. We can review your goals and expectations and design a plan based on your budget. Summer is the best time for the procedure so call Linda or Hilda today at 210-499-5900.