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Plastic Surgery Pricing and Financing

San Antonio Plastic Surgery Pricing and Financing

Plastic Surgery costs can be high. To help make it more affordable we have offered easy financing for several years. Many of our patients have taken advantage of 6 months same as cash as well as 48 month payment plans. But, it has been difficult to find companies that are willing to give these unsecured loans. After all, they can’t repo your Plastic Surgery! We have had several companies approach us, but I was not comfortable with their terms.

Often, if patients did not qualify, they would apply for personal loans. These were either through their credit union or bank. Some would even take out home equity loans.

Now, Prosper Healthcare Lending has entered the field of Plastic Surgery financing. They offer competitive rates under 6% for those with excellent credit. If you have poor credit, you may have to pay a higher interest rate. To apply, just click the Prosper Healthcare Lending logo below or one of the links in this post.

You will need to apply well in advance of your surgery since it does take a few days to fund these loans. So it is important that you plan ahead if you plan to finance. Financing can be one of the best ways to make your Plastic Surgery affordable.  Let us know what  your experience with Prosper was like.