Fat Grafting vs Filler

With the push for more natural-looking features, did you know there is a way to use your own fat in place of manufactured fillers?

Fat grafting uses your own fat to plump and restore areas where you may have lost volume. Manufactured fillers, like hyaluronic acid fillers, are widely used and are typically a safe option for people looking to turn back the clock a bit, but some people want a natural product. That is when fat grafting is a great option. 

What is the fat grafting process? Fat grafting is typically a procedure done under general anesthesia. You may want to rid yourself of those unloveable love handles or flatten that hard-to-lose fat on the abdomen. When the doctor uses liposuction to rid you of unwanted fat in some areas, what is done with that fat? It is tossed! Trashed! LIQUID GOLD thrown in the trash! That is a travesty. This is your own body’s fat, so why not repurpose it to enhance those cheekbones or plump those lips? With fat grafting, your fat is injected in the same areas an off-the-shelf filler would be used. 

Why should you consider fat grafting?

  1. Natural results! Since the fat is your own body, it integrates with your other tissues more naturally and helps your body produce collagen and elastin for that natural look. 
  2. Since it is your tissue, the body is less likely to have an adverse reaction or reject the injection. 
  3. The injections are longer-lasting. Manufactured fillers last between 6 months and 2 years. Once the fat graft “takes,” it becomes just like the surrounding tissues.
  4. More to use! Fat grafting typically yields more volume that can be used for larger areas like breasts and buttocks. 
  5. The cost associated with manufactured fillers can run $900 per syringe. That is $4,500 syringes to get about 1 teaspoon of filler! Currently, our office is offering fat grafting starting at $999, and that is not per syringe!

Want to learn more about fat grafting, check out our fat grafting page at https://drkoneru.com/medspa-san-antonio/fat-grafting/

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