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One of the most common questions patients have about liposuction is “What happens to all the extra skin?” Even with SmartLipo, too much skin can remain after reducing the fat. Studies have shown that no other liposuction technique tightens skin than BodyTite.


Dr. Suresh Koneru is pleased that he was the first Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Antonio to offer this innovative Liposuction technique. The BodyTite heats tissue so that it melts fat and tightens skin at the same time.

In most cases, the procedure can be done with just pills and local anesthesia. No big incisions, just small openings that don’t even need sutures.


If you are in overall good health, and you have areas of fat or extra skin that don’t get better no matter what you do, then BodyTite may be for you.

Dr. Koneru’s Office

This state of the art procedure is available at Dr. Koneru’s office here in San Antonio. In addition to looking fabulous, some of the benefits to you include:

  • No Surgical Downtime. Since there are no surgical incisions, most people return to work the following day.
  • Less Bruising. In addition to melting fat and tightening skin, the device cauterizes blood vessels, so there is much less bleeding than with traditional liposuction
  • No general anesthesia. Most people undergo the procedure with a few pills before surgery and local anesthesia. For those who prefer a general anesthetic, we also offer that in a fully accredited operating room.
  • Maximum Skin Tightening. The most skin tightening that you can get without surgical scars.

As with any surgical procedure, experience and trust make all the difference in deciding what products and techniques are best for your well-being. You can count on one of the top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in San Antonio to give you the best care available. Go ahead – treat yourself to a more beautiful, contoured body.


What is BodyTite/FaceTite?

Using RadioFrequency Energy, the BodyTite procedure heats the tissue causing fat to melt and skin to tighten.

Why should I get the BodyTite Procedure?

The main reason is to get tightening of the skin in addition to reducing fat. But, if you are interested in liposuction, and have been avoiding liposuction because of the trip to the operating room, this may be an option for you.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideally, patients should be at or near their ideal body weight. You must have realistic expectations in how much skin will contract with the BodyTite. If you have undergone massive weight loss or have a great deal of extra skin, BodyTite is probably not for you.

What is the first step?

Call our office for a consultation. The consultation fee is only $50, and that is applied to the cost any procedures that you have done.

Describe the surgery?

For single treatment areas, we can usually perform BodyTite in the office. You will take 1 or 2 pills about an hour before the planned time of the procedure. In the office, we will administer local anesthetic and then perform the procedure. After, you will be given a garment to wear all the time for 3 to 7 days, and then as much as possible. Do not expect to get an immediate result, but you will notice changes quickly.

Is there pain or downtime?

Most patients only require Tylenol or Motrin after the procedure. If you are only treating one area, you can plan on returning to work the next day. If you treat your face or neck, then you may want to take more time off work.

What Results should I expect?

You can see a reduction in the amount of fat within the 1st week. You will begin to appreciate some skin tightening after about 2 weeks. By 6 weeks the area treated will feel tight. By 6 months you should see the majority of skin tightening although you will likely continue to tighten up to a year after surgery.