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Are you interested in improving your jowls or tightening up your neck without the scars of a facelift or necklift?  Do you have sagging skin or loose skin around your lower face or neck? The exciting technology behind the FaceTite and NeckTite device may be for you.


The FaceTite device is a revolutionary heating wand that allows the surgeon to not only heat the tissue to melt fat, but also tighten the skin.  The wand is only millimeters in diameter and can be used on the neck, under the chin, or in the lower face to fix jowls. It is a minimally invasive way to tighten skin and reduce fat without the scars of a facelift or a necklift.  It will stimulate collagen of the skin on the neck and face to also give you a more refreshed look.


While not as effective as a surgical facelift, you can expect to see a tightening of the skin in the areas treated.  Also, you will see a reduction in fat that can also be improved with a little liposuction.

The effect of the procedure can be seen in several different layers of your skin in addition to the deeper tissue.  In published research studies, this technology has been shown to offer more skin tightening than liposuction alone. If you are looking for a low downtime way to lift and tighten your face or neck skin, this procedure may be the answer for you.


facetite candidates

Almost everyone is a candidate for the procedure since it is done under local anesthesia in the office.  People who are on blood thinners or have pacemakers or other metal in the area are not good candidates. Some people may actually have too much extra skin or fat and would be a better candidate for a surgical approach.  It is important that you get a consultation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs surgical facelifts in addition to the FaceTite so that you can get an honest opinion about whether you are a good candidate or not.


After your initial consultation, we will schedule you for the procedure in the office.  The morning of the procedure, we ask that you eat a normal breakfast and we will have you take a couple of prescribed pills before you leave home.  It is important to have a responsible person to drive you and pick you up.

When you get to the office, we will take some photos and Dr. Koneru will make some drawings on your face to guide him in treating the areas that bother you the most.  After that, he will inject a local anesthetic and cleanse your face.

The procedure is then performed by making a small hole under the chin and 2 more behind each ear.  Since the face is numb from the local anesthetic you will not feel any heat or significant pain during the procedure.  Treating a neck and face usually takes about 1.5 hours. After, we wrap you up with a compression garment that we ask you to keep on for about 3 to 5 days.  For patients that need a lot of skin tightening or upper face tightening, we may also combine the Pixel8-RF at the end of the procedure.

Complementary Procedures

Botox is a great addition to the procedure.  Dr. Koneru will often “pre-treat” the face with Botox in strategic locations to help maximize the results of the FaceTite procedure.  Usually, this will be done about 2 weeks prior to the procedure date. If cheek fillers are also needed, these will also be done 2 weeks before the procedure.  In addition, tightening can be amped up by adding the Pixel8-RF at the time of the procedure and monthly for two months after.


The costs vary by patient and how much is involved.  But, generally speaking, the cost of the procedure begins at $4000.  This includes all of your preop visits, postop visits, and the cost of the compression garment.  In addition, we currently include 5 FREE Z-wave sessions ($500 value) after the procedure to help control swelling and smooth the tissues.


Is the FaceTite procedure painful?

The procedure itself is not painful, but there is some discomfort with the injection of the local anesthetic.  After the procedure, most patients just use over the counter pain medicine for any discomfort which is not much.

Are there any scars with the NeckTite or FaceTite procedure?

Since the procedure is done through 2mm holes under the chin and behind the ears there is very little to no scarring apparent.  Most people, including your hairdresser, will ever know that you had anything done!

What are the Side Effects of the FaceTite and NeckTite procedure?

There are very few side effects with the procedure and side effects are rare.  Since we are using heat to stimulate tightening there is a small risk of burns, but the device has thermometers that will automatically turn off the energy if the temperature gets too high.
There is also a risk of fluid collection or seroma that can be easily drained in the office if it occurs.  We use the Z wave device to minimize any skin irregularities and swelling after the procedure. Some people may also have prolonged bruising after the procedure but this is also rare.

Are you a candidate for the NeckTite or FaceTite procedure?

The only way to know is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koneru.  You may be able to do an online consultation from the comfort of your home.  Please call or text us at 210-499-5900 , or fill out the contact form to the right and someone from our office will get back to you.  Your consultation will allow us to review whether you would benefit from BotoxfillersPixel8-RF, or even a surgical facelift instead.