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Breast reduction san antonio

For some women, believe it or not, large breasts are a real problem…from finding well-fitting clothes to experiencing back pain and itching from infections and rashes under the breasts…to suffering from bad posture, balance issues, and even low self-esteem.

Some patients are simply embarrassed about their large bosoms. These are a just a few reasons many women choose to reduce the size of their breasts.  Before considering Breast Reduction surgery your BMI MUST BE under 30.  Losing weight will also help you reduce your breast size.

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Through Breast Reduction Surgery, which is also known as mammoplasty, women can avoid the side effects of having oversized breasts. Women who undergo Breast Reduction can feel much better about themselves and regain their sense of well-being! Some patients say they actually feel slimmer after the surgery. This surgery simply involves removing excess tissue and skin for a more attractive size and appearance.


If you suffer from back pain, bad posture, infections or rashes under the breasts, or shoulder pain and grooves caused by bra straps pressuring your shoulders because of the weight of your breasts, you are probably a good candidate. But your BMI SHOULD BE UNDER 30 for Breast Reduction Surgery. If you smoke, you must stop smoking before and after the surgery to relieve your body of nicotine, which can cause complications.  We will give you more detailed instructions before your surgery.


breast reduction san antonio

Call 210-499-5900 to make an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Suresh Koneru will discuss your discomforts and what outcomes you are likely to see. If he believes you are a candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery, he will let you know.


Dr. Koneru uses the “short scar” method. He makes a small incision around the areola and continues down vertically, then to the outside of the breast. This method is known as the SPAIR technique. The fat tissue is removed through the incision and protects the blood supply to the nipple. The extra skin is tightened to create a smaller, more natural appearing breast. In rare cases, where the breasts are extremely large, Dr. Koneru may have to use the traditional anchor incision and move the nipple and areola upward as a full thickness skin graft for a natural and attractive appearance.


Dr. Koneru’s Breast Reduction Surgery is an outpatient procedure. To minimize pain, he will inject a long-acting local anesthetic that lasts up to 3 days.  This anesthetic makes the recovery process much less painful, and patients report not having to take a large amount of narcotic pain medication after the surgery. For the recovery period, we recommend that you plan to take one week off from work and that you do not drive for three weeks.

You can expect a visible change right after the surgery. The results will get much better as the swelling and bruising diminish.

Over time, the scars will diminish becoming much less visible. If you suffered from back pain, shoulder pain, rashes, and infections under the breasts, these discomforts should go away since they were caused by large breasts.

Of course, complications may arise from any surgery. They can include infections, blood loss, and wound healing issues. However, complications are rare, minor and can easily be treated. If you smoke, there is a possibility you may experience problems because of the nicotine in your body. The nicotine in your body may prevent your nipple from receiving enough blood flow and your nipple may die off. To avoid this problem, we emphasize NO SMOKING before and immediately the surgery.


In some cases, Healthcare Insurance Companies cover some or a portion of the costs. Before the initial consultation, we recommend that you contact your Insurance provider to ask if Breast Reduction is a “covered benefit”, and what requirements you must meet.  If you have brought your issues to the attention of other doctors, such as your primary care physician, please bring their letters to our office. We will be happy to submit a letter with your photos along with letters from your other doctors to help secure coverage from your healthcare insurance provider.