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Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a procedure performed to improve the appearance and/or the function of the nose. Also, referred to as a “nose job,” it can reshape the nose to give it the best size and shape for your unique face.


The nose is a very significant factor in your appearance as it is positioned at the center and brings balance and harmony to the face. Even the slightest change to the size and shape of your nose can make a big difference in your looks. That is why Rhinoplasty is a very common plastic surgery procedure. Rhinoplasty can change the size and shape of your nose, contour the nasal tip and nostrils, as well as correct impaired breathing. It also helps you to feel better when you know you look great!


Many people are unhappy with the nose they are born with, and they are self-conscious and unhappy. Rhinoplasty is a good procedure for people of all ages who want to improve their looks, reduce or augment their nose or get rid of a hump on their nose. Most teenagers do it in their late high school years or before starting college.


Call 210-499-5900 to make an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Koneru will discuss your concerns about your nose, and the outcomes you are likely to see. If he believes you are a candidate for Rhinoplasty, his staff will take photos so you can see before and after photos.


Rhinoplasty surgery can take between one to two hours to complete; however, in some cases, it may take longer. Dr. Koneru performs Rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia and uses the open approach through a small incision at the bottom of the nose. The surgery normally takes place in the Surgery Center.


To minimize pain, Dr. Koneru injects a local anesthetic that lasts several hours. This anesthetic makes the recovery process much less painful.

For the recovery period, we recommend that you plan to take one week off from work. You should start feeling better the day after surgery. Most patients require a cast on their nose. The cast usually comes off in one week. The swelling will persist for three months and then will subside. In a few months, you should be able to see significant results. It can take up to one year to see the entire result as the skin over the nose has to shrink and that can take a while.


In some cases, Insurance Companies cover a portion of the costs. Before the initial consultation, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider to ask if they cover the procedure and what requirements you must meet. We will be happy to write and submit a letter for coverage and pre-authorization. If you have brought your medical issues, such as trouble breathing, to the attention of other doctors, such as your primary care physician, please bring their letters to our office. We will submit our letter along with letters from other doctors to help secure coverage from your healthcare insurance provider.

Look and Breathe Better with a Nose Job!

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