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Are you considering giving your Breasts a Lift? A Breast Lift, known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to lift your breasts to a more youthful appearance and contour by trimming excess skin and tissue.

The surgery should result in the breasts being repositioned higher on the chest and more firm to the touch. The nipple and areola may also be placed higher to give the breast a better and more youthful appearance.

Because a Breast Lift does not change the shape or fullness of breasts, many women choose to add Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction to achieve the best possible esthetic result.  Women who desire more fullness of the upper portion of the breasts will also often add Fat Transfer to their Lift procedure.


A woman who is in overall good health maintains a stable weight, and has realistic expectations is a good candidate for a Breast Lift. She most likely will have droopy, elongated or sagging breasts and/or nipples and areolas pointing downward…the results of aging and pregnancy. Women who plan to have more children may want to postpone this procedure until they are through having children. Another pregnancy and nursing may reverse the effects of a Breast Lift.


Dr. Koneru performs this surgery on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. It normally takes one to three hours, depending on the size and shape of the breasts, as well as the degree of sagging and amount of excess skin. Dr. Koneru also uses the “short scar” method. He makes a small incision around the areola and continues vertically, then to the outside of the breast. This method is known as the SPAIR technique.  Another option is one incision around the areola and down the middle of the breast to the bottom crease in a straight line. This approach, with an additional incision along the breast crease for an anchor shape, is the best option for women with significantly sagging breasts.

Together with Dr. Koneru, you will decide the best incision option to achieve your goals.

After the incisions are made, breast tissue is removed and reshaped to achieve the desired contour. The nipple and areola may be moved higher on the breast or resized as well. Excess skin is removed to create a tighter, more refined appearance. When the Breast Lift is complete, the incisions are closed with stitches and generally heal well.


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The long-acting local anesthesia that is used normally relieves pain for a few days after surgery. However, Dr. Koneru will prescribe pain medication to be taken on an as-needed basis.

After surgery, patients normally experience bruising, soreness and swelling for a few days. The breasts are normally bandaged or put in a surgical bra for about a week. You also will be asked to wear a support bra for about 6 weeks. Stitches are usually removed after one or two weeks.

While most patients can return to work within a week, Dr. Koneru recommends that you avoid exercise and strenuous activities for at least a month.


You will see the results of your Breast Lift immediately after surgery and, of course, you will continue to improve and heal as the swelling goes down and the scars diminish. Patients who discuss their goals and expectations with Dr. Koneru before the Breast Lift are usually satisfied with the new position and look of their breasts. A Breast Lift is not permanent, but you will enjoy the results of more youthful looking breasts for many years.

A Breast Lift is a safe procedure for good candidates. As with any surgery, complications may arise. They include bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia or permanent scarring. Complications, however, can be reduced by choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Koneru to perform your procedure and by following all instructions before and after the procedure.


A Breast Lift is considered a cosmetic procedure and not a medical necessity. We are not aware of healthcare Insurance providers that cover cosmetic procedures.

Lift your Breasts, your Self-Esteem and Pride in your Looks!

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