Is There a Right Time for a Mommy Makeover?

The term “Mommy Makeover” refers to a collection of procedures done to help reverse the effects of childbearing on a mother’s body.  While we adore our children, we don’t always adore what they do to their mother’s body.

The primary procedure included in a Mommy Makeover is a Tummy Tuck.  In our San Antonio practice, we routinely perform this procedure without drains, the Drainless Tummy Tuck.  That means no annoying drains placed at the time of surgery. Anyone who has previously had a tummy tuck done somewhere else will likely say the drains were the worst part of the procedure. With our special techniques, we are able to avoid the use of surgical drains.

Breast surgery is the most common procedure included with a Tummy Tuck.  These procedures include Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, or Breast Reductions.  Interestingly, some women will have larger breasts after pregnancy while others will have smaller, deflated breasts.

Other common procedures include Liposuction and Labiaplasty.  Sometimes the Liposuction may include the new Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction or BodyTite.

Dr. Koneru recommends that all women undergoing the Mommy Makeover procedure be done having children.  In addition to ruining the work already done, another pregnancy may mean repeating the same procedure in the future.  The minimum age for any Mommy Makeover procedure should be when a woman has decided not to have any more children.

As far as a maximum age for a Mommy Makeover, there is no hard and fast rule.  There are many factors to consider when deciding if someone is too old for a Mommy Makeover.  The first is the procedures involved and the total length of time for the operation. An extended operation may have to be broken up into smaller operations to be better tolerated.  Another factor to consider is your overall medical health. Some common factors that can increase the risks of complications include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, history of blood clots, or the use of hormones.  If a patient has multiple medical problems, we will often ask her to get clearance from her Primary Care Physician before surgery. If a patient has a relatively high operative risk, it may be best to break up the longer operation into a couple of smaller operations.  An alternative would be to prioritize the patient’s desires and only attack her biggest concern. With the newer operative techniques, as well as advanced preop and postop care, we are able to operate older patients with fewer complications than in the past.

It is essential to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience when embarking upon a Mommy Makeover.  If you are concerned about any medical problems, be honest and straightforward with your surgeon. Let your surgeon know about your concerns and issues so that the two of you can select the Mommy Makeover procedure that is best for you.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for a Mommy Makeover san antonio, call our office today at 210-499-5900 and schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Koneru.

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