My Instagram Question

About 3 weeks ago I posted a photo on my Instagram page of a new gizmo I brought back from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Chicago and asked for guesses about what it was.  We have a number of guesses submitted by facebook and twitter with one person even suggesting a Flux Capacitor.

I followed that original post with another for a better hint.  This one pretty much gave it away and @weddingisland on twitter guessed correctly on October 22nd.

It is a Structure 3D sensor that attaches to my iPad.  Now we will be able to do 3D surgical simulations using an iPad instead of taking photos and uploading like we have been.  The sensor using infrared LEDs to determine the shape and measurements of the patient.  We will then upload the image to our computer program and will be able to show you in 3D the expected result of your surgery.  With the imaging, you can see what different size implants can look like on your own body.  You can also see the effects of facial surgery like rhinoplastychin augmentation, and smoothing procedures on your face.

Right now, we are waiting for the release on the iTunes store by Apple and then we will be fully functional.   It is a great addition to our consultation as it helps to make sure that you and I are both on the same page prior to surgery.  Of course, there is no guarantee that the results will be exactly the same, but it is a good approximation of what the results can be and it helps me know what you are trying to achieve.  It also helps me personalize the operation for each patient based on my previous experience.

If you are considering surgery, call 210-499-5900 today or click on the CONTACT US tab to the right to schedule your consultation.  We can review your 3D imaging and lay out a surgical plan together.

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