Researching Breast Implant Options

The past 3 years we have seen exciting advancements in the field of Breast Implants.  If you are considering Breast Implant Surgery in San Antonio, you want to be well versed in the latest implants.

Back in May 2012, I placed the first Gummy Bear Implants in San Antonio.  Since then, we have been using these highly cohesive Silicone Implants (Generation 5) in both Cosmetic Augmentation and Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction.  One of the main advantages of these new implants is that they are form stable.  This means they keep their shape.  Round implants look round and tear dropped shaped implants keep their teardrop shape.  Another advantage is a lower rate of capsular contracture or scar formation around the implant.  The Gummy Bear Implant manufacturers even provide a capsular contracture warranty in case it occurs in the first few years.  The implants also look more natural than the traditional Saline Implants.  This is because the implants contour to the chest wall better.  Also, you don’t see rippling like you do with a traditional Saline Implant.  If you are considering Silicone Implants, be sure to ask for Generation 5 implants and don’t settle for the older Generation 4 implants.

The other major advance in Breast Implants has been the new Saline Implant.  Since September 2015, we have been using the new Ideal Implant.  This is a fantastic improvement to the conventional Saline Implants.  The Ideal is a structured implant that has baffles and dual chambers to fill.  By adding structure to the implant, the common problems of rippling and not contouring to the chest wall have been eliminated.  The only problem with this implant right now is the limited availability of sizes.  As of the writing of this post, the largest size available is 475cc.  Eventually, we should have implants with a capacity as high as 755cc.  I cannot think of a good reason to use the traditional Saline Implants anymore.  The Ideal gives women the advantages of Saline Implants and eliminates the main disadvantages.

When you are researching Plastic Surgeons for Breast Augmentation, make sure your surgeon offers the full range of Implant options including round Gen 5 and Ideal Implants.

Our consultations have also changed over the past few years.  We now offer realistic 3D imaging via an iPad.  This imaging allows you to see how different implant sizes and shapes will look on your body.  We can even provide you with a link so that you can share the images.  Soon we will add Virtual Reality imaging as well to give you another perspective.  If you are “low tech”, we still offer the old fashioned method of trying sizers of different volumes. But, I find that 3D imaging is much better at showing you the different shapes. It also gives you a more realistic expectation of the different sizes on your body.

So, when choosing your plastic surgeon, make sure they offer 3D imaging, round Gummy Bear implants, and the Ideal Implant.  You may not be a candidate for any of these, but if you do not see a Plastic Surgeon who has these available, you will never know.  Don’t rely on 1990’s technology if you are getting implants in 2016.

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