The Ideal Implant

The Ideal Implant has been approved by the FDA!  I am the only Plastic Surgeon in San Antonio currently approved to place the implants and we are planning on having the implants available in June.  We are seeing patients now and evaluating to make sure they are good candidates.

What is the Ideal Implant?

It is a specially designed baffled saline breast implant that is created to have the benefits of a silicone implant.  One of the major disadvantages of a saline implant is that it shows rippling and does not contour well to the chest wall.  This implant contours and has a more natural appearance than the current saline implants.

Who is a Candidate for the Ideal Implant?

There are several women that are great candidates for the Ideal Implant.  Since silicone implants are only approved for use in women over 22, the Ideal Implant would be a good option for women under 22 years old.

Now that we have the 5th generation of silicone (gummy bear) implants available, we do not see problems of extracapsular spread of silicone. But, for those women with older silicone implants that have leaked, they may benefit from exchanging with the Ideal Implant.  Often the old silicone can not be completely removed.  Since silicone will still show up in the tissues on CT scans and MRIs, it can be confusing as to if that silicone is from the older implants or the new ones.  If we replace with the Ideal Implant, we will not have that issue.

The Ideal Implant is also a good choice for women with autoimmune disease or for those that are concerned about placing silicone implants.

What are the risks involved with the Ideal Implant?

The risks are identical to the saline implants that we have been using for years.  In the study submitted for FDA approval the largest risk was of leak and deflation of the implant.  If this does happen, it is usually a simple procedure to remove and replace the deflated implant.  The main benefit over the saline implants we use today is a more natural appearing breast.

When can I have the procedure done?

We are evaluating patients now and plan to perform the first surgery in San Antonio in June 2015.  Although the FDA has approved the implants, the manufacturing process needs to be ramped up over the next several months.

Where can I learn more about the Ideal Implant?

The company has a website: .  Unfortunately, the site is outdated since it was done prior to FDA approval.  Now that the FDA has approved the implant, you will want to check back often to get the most up to date information.  Also, Like our Facebook Page to get the heads up on when we will have implants available.

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