Mommy Makeover this Summer in San Antonio?

May is a popular time for Mommy Makeovers. Although it may have something to do with Mother’s Day, I think most Moms choose May because they have the summer to recover.

Generally speaking, a Mommy Makeover involves a Tummy Tuck plus a variety of different procedures.  Usually, these procedures include some type of Breast Surgery but can include anything that reverses the effects of pregnancy. Most choose a Tummy Tuck to help correct the changes from childbearing.  Usually, the babies have not only stretched out the skin of the belly but have also stretched the deep tissues.  So, the muscles and fascia have been stretched. Women can react in different ways to this stretch. Some can get their elasticity back as though nothing ever happened, but that is rare. Most suffer a diastasis recti or separation of the rectus muscles. The only way to correct that is with surgery to tighten the muscles again. Some will even have a  small hernia in the belly button from all the pressure (an umbilical hernia) that can be fixed at the time of Tummy Tuck. For those Moms with stretch marks, a Tummy Tuck can remove all the stretch marks below the belly button.  We even see thin women who have had a C-section and have a little pooch right above the C-section scar. The only way to get rid of that extra stuff is to cut it out with either a full or a Mini-Tummy Tuck.

The Tummy Tuck operation involves sewing the muscles together deep, correcting any hernias, and removing the extra skin. Recovery usually involves a week in a recliner at home and no driving for about 4 weeks. You can see why summer is a good time for the procedure for busy Moms. Hopefully, the kids have fewer activities and commitments so driving is less. But, as long as you have to be out of commission for about a month, you should consider also correcting some of the other things that bother you. These extra procedures do not usually increase your recovery time. They also can be less expensive to do at the same time as a Tummy Tuck compared to doing them later.

Some women after pregnancy will notice smaller breasts. For them, we may add a Breast Augmentation for their Mommy Makeover. With the new Ideal Implant and Gummy Bear Implants, we can achieve a remarkably natural looking augmentation.

Other women will notice a large droop to their breasts with age and after breastfeeding.  For them, a Breast Lift will help give them a more natural shape. I use a short scar technique that limits the length of the scar and I feel keeps the breasts lifted for longer.

Still, other women will notice that their breasts are larger after childbirth and undergo a Breast Reduction. Again, I use a short scar technique for this procedure that limits the total length of scarring on the breasts.

Besides these procedures, Moms may also want to have LiposuctionFat Grafting, or Labiaplasty.  The Mommy Makeover can be tailored to each Mom’s concerns.  We personalize the approach.  As you can imagine, costs vary depending on the number of procedures we perform. Click on this link to get an idea on what the different procedures and a Mommy Makeover cost in San Antonio.

Since every patient is different and we take a personalized approach to your operation, I encourage you to come in for a consultation.  At your consultation, we can give you a firm price estimate. We can review your goals and expectations and design a plan based on your budget. Summer is the best time for the procedure so call Linda or Hilda today at 210-499-5900.

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